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High quality for over 30 years

We implement any design in the world of furniture with regard to our client's needs, paying extra care to the quality of the wood and the final result, to create masterpiece that truly expresses Elngar essence.

About Elnagar 30

Value driven production

To create a distinguished experience for our clients


We innovate in every piece to produce furniture that matches our clients requirements and ranks high in terms of international design standards


Keeping an eye on all that’s new in the industry to be always up to date with our production and inspire the trends of the field with functional designs of high standards

The Modern Era

Working in the furniture industry gave us the opportunity to innovate and make eye-catching and mesmerizing pieces with high quality materials and the ability to cope with the modern era, since people are now looking for quality and functional furniture.

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Our Approach

Since 1980 we’ve been following the standards of high quality furniture and affordable pricing, and until this day we have successfully managed to keep our culture intact and educate our team to follow the same track

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